'If you want to find the web sites of clubs throughout English rugby there is only one serious source...If you want to search for the websites of clubs below the very top level, this is the best around....' [Fylde webmaster]


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  • Do you want to find the website of an English rugby union club?

    This site lists every one of the 1200+ English rugby union clubs playing in RFU leagues with their web link and a link to their RFU league page. It also lists a number of rugby clubs playing outside the RFU structure but within merit tables organised by their counties. You can use the drop-down menus at the top to pick the league that you are interested in.

  • Updating for 2015-16 is now underway.....
  • How is English club rugby organised?

    The English league structure is headed by the Premiership (12 clubs) with a fully professional Championship (12 clubs) at Level 2. There are now National Leagues at Level 3 (16 clubs), Level 4 (16 clubs) and Level 5 (14 clubs). All these can be seen on the national league page.

    Below the nationals come the regional leagues and underneath these the county leagues. These regional and county leagues can all be seen on the relevant regional page - there are four
    RFU regions, namely London and SE , Midlands, North and South West.

  • Searching for a particular club?

    I am sorry that there's no search engine for this. I'm afraid that you have to go to the regional page and use the 'find' facility on your browser (or the shortcut is Control-F). I'm working on this.......
  • What else can I find here?

    As a rule of thumb, I only include clubs playing within the league structure or those clubs playing in county merit tables. There is the only comprehensive webpage on the women's league structure with links to all women's league sides. Additionally there are pages for referees' societies and county bodies.

    Who's not here?
    I don't include schools or student sides nor do I now maintain mini and youth sections - most clubs have youth sections, for boys and girls.

    Colour coding?
    95% of clubs have websites, mainly Pitchero. If these are out of date, I indicate this with:

    rugby club

    and this year's rule of thumb is that this indicates that there have been no new posts on the site since the Pitchero app advert on New Year's Day

  • Updated for 2015-2016

    All clubs, men's and women's, are in their correct league. North have been re-structuring with a new Merseyside division, losing North Lancs 2 and South Lancs/Cheshire 3. Links are being checked but this is an ongoing task as clubs change web addresses. This year clubs have continued to close their own sites and have migrated en masse to the Pitchero site. There's an awful conformity about these webpages but it does mean that 99% of clubs have websites, most publish regular news and results updates, others not so well updated but with basic info on contact numbers and location.

New clubs are always being formed, new webpages created and old ones abandoned. Not listed? If your own or any club you know has been omitted, please email me with additions and corrections. Changes will be tweeted at @Eng RugbyClubs

This is an amateur webpage and is generated by manual updating each summer. I have carried on cleaning up the code so I hope that it still looks OK on IE but that the layout is improved on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

All the information gathered here is public but it involves a lot of work done by myself and others. Some club sites have simply copied the links over to their own site. There's no problem with that but recognition of the origins of the material would be welcome. This site is maintained by Steve Uglow, Canterbury Rugby Club

Last updated: June 17, 2016

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